Civic Type-R V Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson, you may have heard of him, has taken time out from finishing the latest series of Top Gear, whoops, we mean, erm… what is that show on Amazon called, to bravely review the (BBC TopGear Magazine Car of the Year 2017 Award) Civic Type-R for The Sunday Times. It was destined to be a clash of the titans. The award-winning Civic Type-R did not disappoint.

‘This is a wonderful car to drive hard … it changes direction like an electrocuted swallow”

We’re assuming no swallows were harmed during the making of Clarksons review, but we are talking about Jeremy Clarkson, a man often tends to shy away from controversy. 

‘However, it’s not the shove or the speed that impresses most with the Type R.’ continued Clarkson. 'It’s the chassis. There’s a wider track than on the last incarnation and a stiffer superstructure. And that sounds as if you’re in for more grip, if you can tolerate the bone-shaking ride. Nope. What you get is phenomenal grip and a ride that’s actually quite absorbent. It’s not a Labrador puppy, obviously, but it won’t shake out your fillings either.’

Which is handy because we love Labrador puppies and we like our fillings to stay where the dentist put them. Clarkson went on to say ‘This is a wonderful car to drive hard. Yes, it’s a bit of a fatty but you’re never really aware of the weight because it changes direction like an electrocuted swallow. Couple that to the 315 rampaging horsepowers, the 295 torques and the bark from a weird triple exhaust system and there’s no doubt Honda is back with a car that’s extremely good fun.’

Clarkson could not praise the Civic Type-R enough. Except to conclude that whilst driving it ‘a number of people pointed, made enthusiastic noises and took photographs. You could see them thinking: “How small does your penis have to be before you’d buy a car like that?”’ We’re sure this conclusion has nothing to do with the Honda Civic Type-R winning BBC’s TopGear Magazine Car of the Year 2017. Not that Clarkson’s bitter.

Well worth a read. You can read Clarksons full review here.

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