Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance | Norton Way Honda

Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance

  • 2 year cover at £249
  • 3 year cover at £299
  • Available on up to a maximum of 18 claims

Similar to Cosmetic Repair, Alloy Wheels Insurance enables you to maintain the appearance of your alloys, should they suffer minor damage, without affecting your no claims bonus.

Say you notice your alloy dents and scratches just from day to day use? If you think about it, it's so easy to even scuff your wheels on the kerb while parking. In today’s driving conditions, minor vehicle damage is almost a certainty..

Alloy Wheel Insurance covers the cost of cosmetic repairs resulting from accidental damage to alloy wheels caused by kerbing, scuffing, chips and scratches.

When your car is damaged, a trip to the body shop tends to be expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming. Following a successful claim on your allow wheel insurance, we will arrange a specialist repair company to carry out the necessary repair work at your convenience.

The Benefits

  • Kerbing and scuffing to alloy wheels is covered.
  • Making a claim does not affect no claims bonuses.
  • One call is all it takes to summon an expert repair technician.
  • No website, no forms to complete and no complications.
  • Repairs carried out at your home or at work, at your convenience.

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